Water Stunner

Water Stunner

Linco / Baader Water Stunner 032-355, L=5,0M, Eff. 3,6M from 2015

Capacity 6000 birds/hour.

Water Stunner 032-355 is applied for instant and efficient electrical water stunning of poultry prior to slaughtering. The output for the stunner bath is a pulse-generated AC sine wave aligned with frequency and current requirements complying with Regulation (EC) No. 1099/200934.

Delivery time : 1 – 2  weeks

Uniquely designed inlet to ensure instant stunning.
– Wide stunner tank to prevent injuries to wings during stunning. – Designed with simple user interface for easy operation.
– Easy removal of poultry in case of standstill.
– Hygienic and simplistic design for easy cleaning.
– Easy height adjustment to adapt for variation in bird sizes.
– Easy recipe change for different flock requirements.
– See through doors provide veterinarians etc. with the possibility of observing animal welfare and processing quality.
– Current and voltage calibration at BAADER factory with traceable test equipment.
– Process setting, monitoring and automatic current adaption.
– Displays and records the details of the electrical key
parameters according to Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2009.
032 stunner controller specifications:
– Model: 10A 1500 Hz




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