Webomatic thermoforming machine APS ML 7100

Webomatic thermoforming machine APS ML 7100

Webomatic APS WL 7100 completly refurbished.

Top film width            :  600 mm

Bottom film widh       : 620

Deep Drawing depth : 190 mm

Cutt off length             : 400 mm



Refurbished Webomatic APS ML 7100

The APS ML 7100 is the ideal tool for the industrial serial production of superior thermoformed packages. Even bigger dimensions enable the realisation of more flexible packaging!


Our high-end solution can use all film materials common in trade up to 620 mm width with a repeat length of up to 800 mm: Depending on the product requirement and the client’s specification the APS ML 7100 can use soft film and rigid film materials, also printed top and bottom film as well as stable or reclosable packages.

Equipped with two separate stainless steel lifting systems with adjustable opening width, the modular APS ML 7100 is extremely flexible in length and width: This industrial solution does not only offer an extra long filling area for the comfortable fully automatic filling process, but also a flexible cutting area for the optional punching, printing, labelling.



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