ANOXIATEC Poultry euthanasia systems

ANOXIATEC Poultry euthanasia systems

Anoxiatec, fully humane poultry euthanasia.

A commonly preferred method, gassing with carbon dioxide, remains controversial as it has been shown to cause distress to poultry. Anoxiatec patent equipment provides the ideal solution, gently guiding poultry into a controlled nitrogen environment, into which nitrogen is injected. The birds are gradually put to sleep within 2 – 3 minutes and at no time regain consciousness or experience distress.

Similar methods using nitrogen have previously been trialled; however Anoxiatec enclosed system ensures no danger to the operator and no risk that the birds may regain consciousness or fight the procedure.

The Anoxiatec can be mounted on a portable system if desired, enabling ease of transport, and large and small models can be custom built as per customer requirements. In addition, the application is not restricted to poultry and can be successfully used for other small animals such as commercially farmed rabbits.



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